Why the Media is Desperate for Bloomberg to Run

Of the six Republicans and two Democrats remaining in the field, three have a strong New York connection. But Trump, Sanders and Clinton might get company.

The rumor mill is spinning about a possible Independent run of former New York major Michael Bloomberg. And if the New York press corps was excited about a Trump run, they will love a Bloomberg run even more, as Politico’s media writer Jack Shafer analyzed.

“A vast buffet of Bloomberg stories are there for the grabbing should Bloomberg announce. Stories about his money, his New York City mayoralty, his high-voltage wonkery, his money, his wacky centrism, his media empire, his personal relationships, his money, his crusades against soda, guns and trans fat, and of course, his money. The New York press corps, already the beneficiary of a Trump candidacy that has permitted them to recycle decades of celebrity real-estate reporting into their Trump campaign coverage, will win similar residuals when Bloomberg announces.”


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