Sanders Supporter is Glad Her Son Shares Her Politics

Lee, a retired city planner, at a recent phone bank for Bernie Sanders.

Name: Jeanette Lee
Borough: Park Slope
I will vote: Bernie Sanders

“I really want Bernie Sanders to win. He is just very authentic. I like his socialist ideas. He will be good for the people.”

“I did a lot for the McGovern campaign [in 1972,]  campaigned for them. Now, I do phone banking for Sanders. I contribute. I have all his stickers up on my windows.”

“My son supports Sanders as well, I would have to discipline him if he didn’t.”

“I hate the Clintons. Taking a million kids down food stamps. The whole Clinton foundation, who they support. And she hasn’t done one big interview. People say she is a woman, but so what. Margaret Thatcher was a woman.”


One thought on “Sanders Supporter is Glad Her Son Shares Her Politics

  1. George McGovern lost 49 out of the 50 states. Bernie should be able to match that. This was the Supreme Court of Citizens United, Bush v. Gore, abortion restrictions. I don’t want to put a socialist dream ahead of preserving the Supreme Court for democracy.


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