Events: Money and the 2016 US Presidential Election

During the 2016 cycle, the United States’ campaign finance system finally and completely jumped the shark. Candidates raised hundreds of millions for SuperPACs which may have as much, if not more, influence over outcomes than the actual campaigns themselves. How did this transform campaign strategy? What are the implications for governance? And is there anything citizens can do to reverse this trend?

And yet, at the dawn of the primary season, all this money seemed to matter little. The campaigns that spent the most gained the least. Donald Trump, who spent almost nothing, led national polls by double digits. Are all of the old assumptions about campaign spending irrelevant in the social media age?

Witness and question a highly influential panel of campaign operatives as they discuss the new Wild West world of campaign finance.

Tuesday, February 16
6:30 pm-8:30 pm
The New School
55 West 13th Street, Room I202

[The New School]


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