Grim Day for Rubio as Trump and Clinton Win Big

Marco Rubio has suspended his presidential campaign after he lost big time to Donald Trump in his home state Florida. The charismatic senator was seen by many as the last chance to build an establishment coalition against Trump.

Ohio governor John Kasich managed to win his home state tonight, which might slow down Trump, because it’s a winner-takes-all-state, but doesn’t do Kasich himself much good (he has even less delegates than Rubio).

So once again, Donald Trump was the big winner of the night: He won Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri (each with 40+ %).

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton managed to cement her lead over Bernie Sanders. Clinton won all five contest: Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois  and North Carolina. Afterwards, she shifted her focus to the general election  by attacking Trump in her victory speech.

[New York Times]

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