“Rent is Too Damn High”-Candidate Endorses Trump

McMillan when he was running for mayor in 2013. Photo: Alex Lozupone / CC BY-SA 3.0

Name: Jimmy McMillan
Borough: Brooklyn
I will vote: Donald Trump

Jimmy McMillan is the infamous founder of New York’s “Rent is Too Damn High“-party. The outspoken Vietnam vet wants to lower rent prizes and legalize prostitution. He unsuccessfully ran for mayor of New York City and Governor for New York State.

In October 2015, McMillan announced that he is running for president, but he has recently quit the race and endorsed Donald Trump.

“I got out of the race, because of Donald. I need him to win for business.”

“My job is to get Donald elected, because he can count. America is mathematically illiterate, they can’t count. College students are not taught to count. Barack Obama gave out 50 billion dollars, some candidates talk about cracking down Wall street, they can’t count.”

“I am a veteran, it’s about getting the country, right. You can’t open the doors for refugees, when you have veterans sleeping in the parks. Donald Trump gave a fundreaier for veterans, he was the only one who did that.”

“Trump is not running to be king of the Taj Mahal, he is running to be president of the US.” 

“He says some pretty nasty things about me, that I am stupid, that doesn’t bother me, I don’t like him either, I just need him to fix the economy.”

“Black people hate him so much. We have a problem with the community: we all love Hillary Clinton. All we do is watch TV and watch soap operas and listen to HipHop. We are dysfunctional in the black community, we have been following the wrong people. They can’t find a job, they don’t have nothing to vote for. They need the opportunity to be employed and a guarantee for education.” 

On Trump and the KKK: “He did the right thing. You can’t tell people who to support. Under the free speech, David Duke can come up and say what he wants to say. Donald Trump did a very smart thing when he ignored him. The press didn’t care about that, they never let themselves be stopped from a good story.” 

“I teach Karate, what Donald is using is verbal Judo, is scaring your opponents. He is doing a good job with psychological warfare.”

“I just want this country to get on its right track.”

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