Rolling Stone Endorses Clinton

Rolling Stone has just endorsed former New York-Senator Hillary Clinton. Contrary to when the New York Times endorsed her, this might come as a surprise for many.

After all the pop culture magazine “has championed the ‘youth vote'” since 1972, and young people seem to be in love with the Bern. Which is probably why the beginning of their endorsement article sounds like a love letter to the other candidate.

“It’s hard not to love Bernie Sanders. He has proved to be a gifted and eloquent politician. […] My heart is with him. He has brought the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations to the ballot box.

Which then turns into a break-up letter.

“But it is not enough to be a candidate of anger. Anger is not a plan; it is not a reason to wield power; it is not a reason for hope. Anger is too narrow to motivate a majority of voters, and it does not make a case for the ability and experience to govern.”

In the end, what matters most for Rolling Stone is to avoid another catastrophe like the Bush-presidency.

“Hillary Clinton is one of the most qualified candidates for the presidency in modern times. […] On the question of experience, the ability to enact progressive change, and the issue of who can win the general election and the presidency, the clear and urgent choice is Hillary Clinton.”

[Rolling Stone]

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