Retired Upstater Travels Country For Trump

The woman I am with is Mrs. Julie Kaska of Cheektowaga, NY.
Michael Machnica and Julie Kaska at a rally for Donald Trump in South Carolina.

Name: Michael Machnica
Borough: Upstate New York
I will vote: Donald Trump

“I am a rightly-dividing evangelical King James Bible believer (a tiny minority among so called “Christians”) that supports Mr. Trump (a vastly larger number).”

“I assisted with door-to-door campaigning in New Hampshire and South Carolina, assembly of lawn signs, phone banking and assisting with various small tasks that needed to be done in the headquarters building.”

“I am supporting Mr. Trump because I know for a fact, not just believe, that he wants to turn this country around. He, as well as millions of other Americans, have witnessed in their lifetime this once great country take a free-fall towards oblivion. As a patriotic American, he has an opportunity to do something to stop this country from destruction. History has proven that no civilization is immune from a catastrophic collapse. Mr. Trump wants to do whatever he can to keep that from happening, at least for the foreseeable future.”

“This common core garbage in the schools is dumbing down the nation’s youth. The entire Dept. of Education is unconstitutional. Education is one of the many matters reserved to the localities and states. Far more college students are assigned to read the Communist Manifesto than the Federalist Papers which was written by men who had a key part in the founding of this nation.”

“Mr. Trump has expressed a desire to do something positive and leave America a better place because of something he was in a position to be able to do.”

“Mr. Trump, as well as so many others, have come to realize that blame correctly falls on both political parties. The politicians have pitted Americans against one another for decades over divisive issues, all the while growing fat on at the public trough of their perks, pay, privileges, pensions and lucrative positions outside of government. These include corporate board memberships, consultant and lobbyist positions, etc. The oligarchy will lose their power if Mr. Trump is elected. This is clearly evident in their present full-blown attempt to derail his candidacy. 

“Mr. Trump is self-funding his campaign, so he is beholden to no one. The reason the NY State Republican Party refused to unilaterally endorse him when he expressed an interest in running for Governor was that they could not control him. The State Republican Party would rather have a loser in their pocket, than a winner not indebted to anyone for anything. NYS government has been a cesspool of corruption since the 1830’s.”

“Bernie Sanders is getting some of the same treatment from the “establishment”. Despite being in the Senate for years, he never became part of “Washington”. Mrs. Clinton has had all these “super delegates” in her pocket for months, or longer. Senator Sanders’ message resonates and gets through because of his honesty and sincerity.”   

“Our Constitution clearly outlines that the federal government was suppose to get it’s revenue from tariffs on imported goods, NOT from taxing it’s own citizens. It also maintains that the responsibility of the army is to repel invasions. All these politicians in Washington take this oath to abide by the Constitution and I bet most of them have not even read it.”

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