Watch President Obama’s Call to Register

Democrat or Republican, Clinton or Trump, decisions over decisions – but only if you are able to make them.

So, President Barack Obama teamed up with BuzzFeed to encourage voters to register. With a fun video that might hint at a Hollywood career once Obama leaves office. Check it out.

Warning: The video contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

[Buzzfeed Turbovote]

Clinton Hamilton Raffle

With the general election approaching, it’s time for some fun fundraisers.


Hillary Clinton wants all of America to have a typical New York experience – broadway tickets included. So she is raffling off tickets for a Hamilton performance (maybe not so typical  NYC after all, considering how hard it is to get those tickets.)

“When I first saw the musical Hamilton last year, I was blown away. It’s an incredible feat of storytelling about the fight for the heart and soul of our very nation. It’s a look at history that feels immediately relevant today. It’s a beautiful piece of art with empathy to spare.”

Enter your name here for a chance to win two free tickets and a round-flight. Or click here to buy tickets as part of a fundraiser – starting at $2,700.

Sanders Says He Will Vote For Clinton

Seems like there is an endorsement in the air.

Hillary Clinton has been the presumptive Democratic nominee for a while now, but there was one person who still didn’t agree with that – Bernie Sanders.

Today, for the first time, Bernie announced that he will be voting for Clinton in November.

Is Trump Building a New White House?

Like I mentioned, I am interning in Washington right now, and while I was walking down Pennsylvania Avenue the other day, I came across this:


1600 Pennsylvania Ave might be the most famous address in the country. Home to the White House, it has endured a long history of presidents and first families, all the way to the Obamas.

Following this year’s elections the famous building will either – for the first time ever- see an old inhabitant again (Clinton) or welcome real estate mogul Donald Trump.

For Trump the building itself might be a disappointment, after all his current domicile is made of gold and marble and modeled after Versailles.

Maybe that’s why Trump is busy building a new castle-like hotel that is set to open this year – albeit on 1100 Pennsylvania Ave and not on 1600. Who knows maybe he wants to replace the White House and establish a new presidential home? I wouldn’t be the first controversial idea he has ever had.



Sanders Ready to Suspend?

While there isn’t really much doubt at this point that Hillary Clinton will indeed be the Democratic nominee for president, Bernie Sanders still hasn’t officially suspended his campaign.

There have been countless calls for him to drop out over the last several months, but the Vermont senator seemed set on staying in the race until the July convention.

Now that today’s DC primary marked the last day of primary voting, things could change though. Sanders will meet with Clinton later today and has sent out this message to his supporters earlier on Tuesday.

“When we started this campaign, I told you that I was running not to oppose any man or woman, but to propose new and far-reaching policies to deal with the crises of our time. And for the past fourteen months, through the entire primary process, we’ve sent the establishment a message they can’t ignore: we won’t settle for the status quo.

After today, the voting is done, but our political revolution continues.

I want to talk to you directly on Thursday night about what’s next for our campaign in a live, online video address at 8:30 p.m. EDT / 5:30 p.m. PDT. I hope that you will join.”

Sounds like we can expect a concussion speech on Thursday to me.

But then his campaign told reporters that Sanders is all in until the convention after this email was sent – so I guess we will have to wait and see what the week brings.


Orlando Tweets

In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting that killed 50 people, politicians quickly fell into a sad-but-all-to-known routine. Democrats want to strengthen gun control, while Republicans called for a more aggressive strategy against ISIS.

But nothing showed the political (and personal) differences quiet as well as these tweets by the presumptive nominees.

While Hillary Clinton personally offered her thoughts (the “-H” means she wrote the tweet herself), Donald Trump went this way:

Trump and the Judge

I am interning in Washington, DC, right now, so I am a little behind with filling this blog with everything that’s been going in NY presidential politics – especially concerning the whole Trump University judge controversy.

But instead of writing a lengthily post about how senior Republicans sharply criticize Trump (one even retraced his endorsement) , I found this wonderful video, where Donald Trump himself explains to you “how horrible it all is.” Enjoy.