Day 1: GOP Convention

Even before the Republican Convention had really started, it had its first (mini)-scandal:

“It is my honor to hereby launch and begin the 2016 Republican National Hungry for Power Games! […] I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump.” – Stephen Colbert

But things got really juicy when the #NeverTrump movement appeared to secure enough signatures to force a vote on a rule change that would “unbind” delegates, so they could vote regardless of their state’s primary results. (A similar attempt failed last week at the rules committee level.)

Chaos broke out at the convention floor, when party leaders refused the vote and went on with business as usual.

While the last-minute attempt had little chance of being successful, it does show that the Republican party is far from united in their acceptance of Donald Trump.

Later tonight, possible first lady in spe, Melania Trump, will address the delegates. And this is what you can expect for the next couple of days:

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