Hillary Got the Flu, So What?

In case you were on a quick trip to the moon during the last couple of days: Hillary Clinton had to leave the 9/11 memorial service early, because of pneumonia. A video shows her collapsing as her agents help her into a car.

Of course it didn’t take long for people to cry “conspiracy,” because Clinton didn’t disclose that had pneumonia until after the public found out.

So what?

It’s not like she was hiding an actual threatening disease. Pneumonia is a perfectly curable, with antibiotics and rest it takes a couple of days to heal.

Even the collapsing part sounds worse than it is: Given the heat during the memorial service, the fact that Clinton was probably wearing a bullet proof vest and had to stand through most of the ceremony, add that with already being on antibiotics, and even a young man could have fainted.

And lying about being ill in the first place and still going to work? That’s what women do.

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