How to Vote in the New York Primary – A Lady Liberty Votes guide

2016 Primary Calendar and Results (New York Times)

Interactive Social Wall with tweets from all candidates (


Democratic National Committee

New York State Democratic Party

   Hillary Clintonnominee

        Tim Kaine – vice-presidential nominee

   Bernie Sanders  (suspended July 12)

   Martin O’Malley (suspended Feb. 1)


Republican National Committee

Republican Party of New York State

   Donald Trump – nominee

          Mike Pence – vice-presidential nominee

   Marco Rubio (suspended March 15)

   Jeb Bush (suspended Feb. 20)

   Ted Cruz (suspended May 3)

   Chris Christie (suspended Feb. 10)

   Ben Carson (suspended March 4)

   John Kasich (suspended May 4)

   Carly Fiorina (suspended Feb. 10)

   Rand Paul (suspended Feb. 3)

   Rick Santorum (suspended Feb. 3)