Orlando Tweets

In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting that killed 50 people, politicians quickly fell into a sad-but-all-to-known routine. Democrats want to strengthen gun control, while Republicans called for a more aggressive strategy against ISIS.

But nothing showed the political (and personal) differences quiet as well as these tweets by the presumptive nominees.

While Hillary Clinton personally offered her thoughts (the “-H” means she wrote the tweet herself), Donald Trump went this way:

Trump and the New York Times

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A classmate of mine just published this interesting account on Donald Trump’s relationship with New York’s elite paper. From letters in the 1980ies all the way to his most recent attack on Twitter.


Clinton Uses GOP to Attack Trump

Hillary Clinton is in full general election mode. Her twitter feed doesn’t even mention Bernie Sanders anymore, it’s all about (and against) Donald Trump.

And for now, she doesn’t even need to do the attacking herself – she can let the GOP do it for her.

We will see if and how the Republican establishment makes peace with their presumptive nominee, but no matter what happens the Clinton campaign will happily remember them of their previous position.

Hillary’s First New York Ad

Hillary Clinton has released her first New York campaign ad. If you want to give the 30-second spot a motto, it would be “Welcome to the general election!”

The former NY-senator repeatedly attacks Donald Trump and doesn’t even mention her primary-opponent Bernie Sanders. See for yourself.

[Hillary Clinton Campaign]

“Humans of New York”-Creator Attacks Trump

Brandon Stanton, the creator of the famous Humans of New York  Facebook page, has attacked fellow New Yorker Donald Trump in an open letter.

Brandon – who has not only interviewed thousands of New Yorkers, but also people in Iran, Iraq and Pakistan – initially wanted to stay away from politics. But he decided that enough is enough.

“Along with millions of Americans, I’ve come to realize that opposing you is no longer a political decision. It’s a moral one.”

Read his full letter here:

[Humans of New York]