My 5 Favorite #NYPrimary Fan-Events Over the Weekend


There is a LOT of primary events going on in New York right now. And I mean a lot, a lot. That kind of a lot, where I will need Hermione Granger’s time-turner to even have enough time to make a list.

Some of them are official, but the vast majority are events hosted by volunteers and supporters. Luckily, both the Sanders campaign (here) and the Clinton campaign (here) post all these events on their official websites, so go ahead and browse around.

In the meanwhile, I have made a list of my 5 Favorite #NYPrimary Fan-Events Over the Weekend. The list is by no means complete, but I couldn’t resist sharing some of these jewels with you.

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Hamilton Debates

What’s more New York than Broadway? Nothing. And what’s a bigger spectacle than a GOP debate? Nothing.

Only logical solution: bring the two together. WYNC’s Brian Lehrer Show did just that – with this ingenious mashup of  Hamilton and a Republican debate. Prepare to be awed.

[Brian Lehrer Show]