#DemDebate is On

After two – loud, chaotic and political – hours of prepetation, the Brooklyn Debate is finally on. And while Hillary and Bernie get right into it on stage, the spin room is quiet for the first time today.


In fact, it feels like we are all back in high school during a dictation. 

No time to wait for transcripts here. Even NBC’s Andrea Mitchell herself types along meticously. Don’t want to miss anything after all.

“If you both scream over each other, the viewers won’t hear what you are saying.” – favorite Wolf Blitzer line in the press room 

Brooklyn Debate Is On

After very (very) long discussions and speculations, it will actually happen: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will spare off in a Brooklyn debate.

When: April 14, 9:00-11:00 pm

Where: Duggal Greenhouse on the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Who is hosting: CNN and NY1

Who knows, maybe they will even settle the question who the real New Yorker is? Sanders who was born in Brooklyn or Clinton who serves as the state’s senator and has her campaign headquarters in the borough?


Petition for Brooklyn Debate

Bernie Sanders supporters have started an online petition on Change.org to get Hillary Clinton and the DNC to agree to a Brooklyn Democratic debate.

“What’s to lose with more debates? Only to gain, better for the people and far more light and time reflected on the issues we care so much about.”

So if you want a debate in one of Lady Liberty’s boroughs, sign the petition.