Pokémon GO as Campaign Tool


No matter if you like it, hate it or don’t care about it, there is no way, you didn’t hear about Pokémon GO in the last couple of days. Lots and lots of people are playing the reality based game by scouring cities looking for Pikachu and his friends.

And now, some very creative Clintons supporters are taking advantage of that. They started showing up at PokéStops (where you can buy items) or “gyms” (where you can let your Pokémon fight) – hoping to register potential voters when they take a break from looking at their smartphone.

In 2008, Barack Obama’s team had him campaign in the virtual reality game “Second Life,” but the augmented reality Pokémon GO uses, allows the volunteers to directly interact with actual people.

Makes me wonder what will be next? Voting via your Google Glasses? Canvassing on your Fitbit?


Retired Psychologist Travels Country for Clinton

Betsy Steinman
Betsy Steinman sits in the break room of the Hillary Clinton campaign office in Manchester, NH.

Name: Betsy Steinman
Borough: Uper East Side
I will vote: Hillary Clinton

“I am here in New Hampshire to help out on the Hillary campaign. Came from New York City last Tuesday and will be here till after the primary. Then I will fly to South Carolina”

 “This is something I have always wanted to do. I worked for women’s rights back in the 60ies and 70ies, and this [a female president] is like the last barrier that we haven’t broken. It’s kinda personal for women my age.”

“I am out canvassing. A lot of people of course are not home, because they are working during the day. But I was lucky in the areas that I was in, I have been getting about a fifty percent rate of actually talking to people. If they have any questions. I always ask what their concerns are. And sometimes we are able to talk them over, which is really rewarding.”