#DemDebate is On

After two – loud, chaotic and political – hours of prepetation, the Brooklyn Debate is finally on. And while Hillary and Bernie get right into it on stage, the spin room is quiet for the first time today.


In fact, it feels like we are all back in high school during a dictation. 

No time to wait for transcripts here. Even NBC’s Andrea Mitchell herself types along meticously. Don’t want to miss anything after all.

“If you both scream over each other, the viewers won’t hear what you are saying.” – favorite Wolf Blitzer line in the press room 

Two Hours Until #DemDebate

It’s two hours until the Brooklyn Democratic Debate, time for an update.  

The Hillary supporters got here at 1 already, so they scored the two main corners leading into the Navy Yard.  
But Bernie seems to have fans inside the factories, like this stone company.

Meanwhile the spin room is filling up. While we are waiting for the action to begin, there is plenty of things to keep 600 journalists busy. Like try out the food trucks.

Or play celebrity spotting, journalism edition. I am actually sitting only one row behind Andrea Mitchell.

And then there is plenty of campaign surrogates to talk to. This is the list of everybody representing Sanders tonight. 

And here is Hillary Clinton’s press secretary trying to talk to everybody at the same time. He hopes the party will unite once all of this is over. 


Look at #DemDebate Set

I just finished the press walk trough the set of tonight’s Democratic Debate. 



CNN says that – after the long back and forth between Sanders and Clinton- this is the shortest time they have ever had to pull off a debate and build a set.


The set is housed in a glasshouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where warships were build during WW2. 

Outside you have a beautiful view of the Williamsburg Bridge.


Events: #DemDebate Watch Parties

CNN is hosting the Brooklyn Democratic Debate tomorrow evening, and while it was almost impossible to get tickets to see it in live, there is plenty of opportunities to have a good time watching it with your friends.

Bushwick Berners
Divine Bar, 9:00 pm
896 Broadway, Brooklyn 11206

Grab a few drinks and watch the debate! It’ll be on the TVs indoors and the projector will be set up outside, weather permitting.

Manhattan Debate Watch Party
Stitch Bar & Lounge, 8-11 pm
247 W 37th St, New York 10018

It’s up to us to stand with Hillary and lock up this nomination the right way — by fighting for every last vote. Official Hillary for America event, RSVP necessary 

NYC Debate Watch Party at Paulaner NYC
Paulaner NYC, 8:30 pm
265 Bowery, New York, NY

Organized by Jeff Kurzon, a Sanders Democrat running for House of Representatives (New York’s 7th Congressional District). Hillary supporters, Republicans and non-voters welcome too. The more debate, the better for democracy. 

Debate Watch Party in Brooklyn at Steiner Studios
Steiner Studios, 8 pm
15 Washington Ave, New York 11205

Join us to cheer on Hillary during the Brooklyn debate at Steiner Studios! We’ll be joined by special guest and musical legend, Carole King, so there’s really no excuse to sit this one out! RSVP necessary 

Cruz Stands by New York Values

Back in January, Ted Cruz famously attacked Donald Trump for his “New York values.”

The insult didn’t go over well with many of the people living in the Big Apple, but even with the primary less than two weeks away, Cruz stands by his comments.