New Yorkers Can Swap Votes to Prevent Trump

Tuesday is the day the universe hopefully doesn’t come to an end (fingers crossed).

Since New York is a Democratic stronghold, you might think your vote won’t count in the long run. That’s what is for.


The idea is simple – third party voters who want to support their candidates, but also avoid Trump, swap it with a Clinton voter in a safe state.

So if you are a New Yorker Clinton supporter you might vote Green Party for someone in Florida or Ohio – so that that person votes Clinton in a swing state.

Just sign up here and ship your vote to a place, where it counts.



Events: Presidential Mock Debate: Trump vs. Sanders vs. Gary Johnson

The NYC Political Forum is hosting a mock debate next Saturday.

Volunteers will take on the roles of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and – no, not Hillary Clinton – libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

“The spirit of the debate will be centered on a genuine intellectual and oratorical reenactment under a hypothetical General Election Year match-up between these three candidates.”

“The debate will in a “townhall” format, allowing the meetup attendees, as the “townhall audience” members, to directly ask questions to any of the candidates.”

Saturday, April 9, 2016
2:00 PM