Events: The New G.O.P. = The Party of Trump (?)

The NYC Political Forum, a multi-partisan discussion group, is taking a look at the future of the GOP now that Trump is the presumptive nominee.

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“For this discussion — we’ll set aside the sloganeering and the media frenzy — instead, we’ll substantively explore and discuss the possible implications, including:  

• What does this mean for the G.O.P. and its official Party Platform?

• What does this mean for the down-ballot Congressional and Gubernatorial candidates?

• How will the “Establishment” wing of the Party react? “

Thursday, May 12, 6:45 pm

245 Fifth Ave, Corner 28th Street, Upstairs Dining Area
New York, NY 10016

Clinton Uses GOP to Attack Trump

Hillary Clinton is in full general election mode. Her twitter feed doesn’t even mention Bernie Sanders anymore, it’s all about (and against) Donald Trump.

And for now, she doesn’t even need to do the attacking herself – she can let the GOP do it for her.

We will see if and how the Republican establishment makes peace with their presumptive nominee, but no matter what happens the Clinton campaign will happily remember them of their previous position.

And Then It Was Only One

Well, now it’s final, nobody left but Trump.

Granted, Kasich should have dropped out weeks ago, but after he made it this far, he could have stuck a little longer. Or what do you think?

Ted Cruz Dropping Out

I did not see this one coming.

As reported by PoliticoTed Cruz is dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination.

I guess the singing Fiorina wasn’t enough to save the sinking ship.

The move is still surprising though, after all Cruz had an almost prefect track-record in the so-called “shadow-primary”  that secured him many loyal delegates even in states that Trump had previously won. (But then you need to make it to a second ballot in Cleveland for those to come into play.)

So now we have the unlikeliest of unlikely scenarios: Donald Trump and John Kasich are the only two remaining GOP-contenders.

Seems like there won’t be a contested convention after all.

Cruz + Fiorina = Win?

After Donald Trump‘s five-state winning spree yesterday, it’s not looking good for Ted Cruz.

In a desperate attempt to shape things up, the Texas senator will pick Carly Fiorina as his running mate according to Politico. Cruz is expected to make an official announcement later today.


Can You Convert a Trump Voter?

There is one thing that has surprised me again and again during my election reporting: When you ask Donald Trump supporters if there is any candidate other than Trump that they could support, most of them say yes. Bernie Sanders.

It seems that being outspoken and against the establishment counts more than partisan politics. At least on the Republican side of the spectrum.

My classmate Diego Lynch interviewed Bernie supporters last week, and didn’t find much enthusiasm for converting Trump fans.

Trump Kids Cannot Vote For Father

You might have heard that two of Trump’s children will not be able to vote for their father in the upcoming New York primary.

Both Ivanka and Eric failed to register, leaving only one Trump child – Donald Jr. – eligible to vote next Tuesday.

But the story gets better. As I have explained here before, New York has the earliest change-of-party deadline in the United States.  This means that if you had never been registered in New York before, you could do so until March, but if you wanted to change your party affiliation, the deadline was last October.

According to Politico, the Trump offspring failed to meet the October deadline. So this means that they were registered to vote in New York – just not as Republicans.


Cruz Stands by New York Values

Back in January, Ted Cruz famously attacked Donald Trump for his “New York values.”

The insult didn’t go over well with many of the people living in the Big Apple, but even with the primary less than two weeks away, Cruz stands by his comments.


Ex-Mayor Giuliani Will Vote For Trump

Former New York City-mayor Rudy Giuliani will vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming April 19 primary.

“I support Trump. I’m gonna vote for Trump,” Giuliani told The New York Post Thursday.

The GOP-frontrunner celebrated the almost endorsement with a photo collage of the two of them on Instagram.

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Cruz Visits Orthodox Bakery in Brooklyn

With all the media attention focused on the three home-town candidates – Clinton, Trump and Sanders – it’s easy to forget that New Yorkers will have more choices in the upcoming primary.

One of them is Ted Cruz, who is tailing as a distant third in the latest poll. While Cruz’s chances of winning the state are slim, he is heavily courting one specific voter group: Orthodox Jews.

The way the 95 New York GOP delegates are divided relies heavily on the results of individual congressional district and not the overall state performance. That’s why even a relatively small group can make a big difference. And orthodox Jews tend to vote Republican and conservative, which is why they stand out among the many Democrats in liberal New York.

And so on Thursday, Cruz visited the “Chabad Matza Bakery” in Brighton Beach, where he tried baking matza with the help of some three year olds.

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