Millennials For Hillary Bar Night


All young people are #FeelingTheBern – or so says common knowledge. But a “Millenials for Hillary Bar Night” on Monday evening proved them wrong.

“I want millennials to see other millennial that are passionate about Hillary Clinton,” said Elizabeth Lucy, 22, a volunteer and one of the two organizers of the evening.

“It’s just so important to me when I meet another young Hillary supporter, so I wanted to get us all together to see one another and say, ‘We are here and we are with her,'” she said.

Elizabeth Lucy, co-organizer of the bar night, holds a golden “H” balloon.

More then 120 people turned the Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn, into a full-blown Hillary party. For many it was the first time they had met other Hillary supporters their age, and they excitedly took the chance to discuss politics without being put into the Bernie-corner.

“Stop saying I should like Bernie Sanders, I don’t,” expressed Carley Gooley, 26, who works in marketing and was here with her girlfriend.

With the New York primary around the corner, the event attracted several media outlets (including a Dutch tv crew) even though a promised surprise guest – who would have been New Jersey Senator Cory Booker – didn’t make it.

But that didn’t stop the enthusiasm of the young Hillary fans, who took selfies with the golden “H” balloons  and schmoozed over nachos and their common dislike for Donald Trump.

And it wasn’t all socializing – at the end of the evening, a Hilary for America staffer had a staple of volunteer-sign up-sheets to bring back.

Nachos and campaign flyers at the “Millenials for Hillary” bar night.

Adorable Kids for Hillary

I recently went to Hillary Clinton phone bank in Manhattan to interview some of the many  volunteers there (more on this later). Walking in I was greeted by an array of colorful poster-size drawings.


Turns out that many of the volunteers bring their children along (especially on the weekend). So while the parents are making phone calls, the kids show their support for Hillary in a more creative way.

And I have to admit, these youngsters have their arguments down – plus or minus the occasional spelling mistake.

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Events: Hillary Town Hall in Brooklyn

The Clinton campaign is hosting a “Women for Hillary Town Hall” in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton herself will discuss issues affecting women and families together with Rep. Yvette Clark and Charlene McCray, New York’s first lady.

RSVP here.

Women For Hillary Town Hall with Hillary Clinton,
Tuesday, April 5, 2:30-3:30 – doors open at 1:30

Medgar Evers – Gymnasium
1650 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

[Hillary for America]

In the Streets With Hillary Volunteers

I recently commented on how I never see Hillary supporters out on the street, but things have changed.

With the New York primary less than three weeks away, a stream of volunteers for “Hillary for America” took to the streets this weekend.

Like these Clinton supporters who spent Sunday afternoon outside the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn.


“Are you registered to vote, where you will be voting?”
“Are you interested in getting the vote out for Hillary?”
“April 19. Remember to vote for Hillary. Let’s make history.”

At the beginning of the shift, a campaign staffer briefed the volunteers on how to talk to people. “I don’t want you to feel that it’s too scripted,” he told them. And remember: “You are doing a civil duty by telling people where to vote. You are not soliciting.”

After that the volunteers were on their own. Brazing the freezing cold, they handed out flyers, reminded people to vote for Hillary on April 19, and signed up interested passersby for future volunteer shifts.

Stephanie Israelson holds a volunteer registration form.

“It’s been great so far,” said Elizabeth Lucy, 22, a first-time volunteer. “It’s so brilliant to be outside of the Food Coop, where you know everybody is a democrat in there,” she added laughing.

Another first time volunteer was Gina Borden, 24. “It’s fun. This is a little out of my comfort zone, reaching out to people in this way, but it’s for something that I really believe, so it’s absolutely worth it,” said the dancer.

The Hillary volunteers had feline support on the streets – from Charlie, a “feminist dog.”

The majority of volunteers who came out this Sunday were in their twenties. And they were quick to point out that not all young people are automatically Bernie supporters.

“I am standing here, and my friends are standing here, so it’s clearly not true,” said Edward Delman. The 25-year-old journalist wore a red “The Future is Female”-shirt unter his thick jacket.


After an hour in front of the Park Slope Food Coop, the volunteers went to their next location – the farmer’s market.

Let’s assume that we will see a lot more of them in the next weeks.