Official Iowa Result: Clinton 23, Sanders 21

The official Iowa results are in and there was a small change in the percentage that affected the delegate count. Hillary Clinton now gets 23 of the Iowa delegates and Bernie Sanders 21.

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Clinton and Sanders in Virtual Tie, Trump Only Second Place

It took until this morning, but now the first results of this presidential election cycle are finally in. Hillary Clinton won a slight victory over Bernie Sanders, but both got the same number of delegates in Iowa. Martin O’Maley suspended his campaign.

The other New York candidate – Donald Trump – did not fulfill his promise of “always winning” and lost to Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio came into a strong third place in the Republican caucuses.

[New York Times]

How does the Iowa Caucus work?

As the wait is over and the voting finally begins, all eyes are locked on Iowa. But contrary to most states (like New York) Iowa doesn’t have a primary and instead a caucus. A caucus is quiet complex and even a bit archaic, so how exactly does it work?

The Vermont Public Radio used lego to create this great explanatory video. Who knew Yoda was an undecided voter?

[Vermont Public Radio]

Sanders Iowa Caucus Watch Party

If you don’t want to stay at home tonight to watch the Iowa caucus, you don’t have to – at least if you are a Bernie Sanders’s fan.

Bernie Sanders: Iowa Caucus Watch Party 
132 Lounge Bar & Restaurant (Brooklyn, NY)
8:00-11:00 pm

“Join us on Monday night to watch the whole procedure in the Midwestern state and to enjoy the emotion to see our candidate win his first primary.”