Clinton and Trump Win, Bush Suspends

An exiting day in both presidential primary-races ended with Jeb Bush suspending his campaign, after he only scored a single-digit result in the South Carolina Republican primary.

Donald Trump won South Carolina with 30+ points, while Marco Rubio regained his momentum by narrowly beating Ted Cruz for second place.

In Nevada, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders, which brings her back to track as the Democratic front-runner. Sanders managed to attract Latino voters, but the African-American vote went decisively to Clinton.

[New York Times]

The parties are switching states next week, with the Nevada Republican Caucus on February 23 and the South Carolina Democratic Primary on February 27, before the Super Tuesday showdown on March 1.

Bernie Volunteer Thinks Bush is Least Bad Republican


Name: Eric Carino
Borough: Brooklyn
I will vote: Bernie Sanders

“I like his message. Everything Bernie has voted for in the past, I agree with. This is the first time I actually have hope in a politician, so I figured I would go full force. I do phone banks and I make small contributions, nothing big. Every week, I will give like 20, 30 bugs.”

“I really don’t like the Clintons, because of their history. I used to think the Clintons were actually pretty good, I mean that’s what I was taught. But then when I started to do my own research of NAFTA and the effects on Mexico and how it caused immigration. Everything is wrapped up in there, the drug war. Clinton was tough on crimes, a lot of minorities were incarcerated because of that. So that’s why I support Bernie.”

“The least bed Republican? Jeb Bush, at this point. Which is kinda funny. I would have never thought I would say that. Obviously I don’t agree with any of his positions, but the others have all advanced so far to the right.”