New Yorkers Can Swap Votes to Prevent Trump

Tuesday is the day the universe hopefully doesn’t come to an end (fingers crossed).

Since New York is a Democratic stronghold, you might think your vote won’t count in the long run. That’s what is for.


The idea is simple – third party voters who want to support their candidates, but also avoid Trump, swap it with a Clinton voter in a safe state.

So if you are a New Yorker Clinton supporter you might vote Green Party for someone in Florida or Ohio – so that that person votes Clinton in a swing state.

Just sign up here and ship your vote to a place, where it counts.



Meet the Libertarian Senate Candidate for New York

With two weeks to go, this might come as a shock to some of you – but the Trump-Clinton showdown is actually not the only New York election happening on November 8.

There is also a Senate seat in play. To be fair, Chuck Schemer seems to be safe (and might even secure the post of Speaker, if the Democrats take back the Senate), but there are still people challenging him.

Alex Merced, for example, a 30 year old Libertarian who has big plans for the future. First and foremost, he wants to be famous.

Read all about him in this Lady Liberty Votes feature published on Medium.


View at

Events: Presidential Mock Debate: Trump vs. Sanders vs. Gary Johnson

The NYC Political Forum is hosting a mock debate next Saturday.

Volunteers will take on the roles of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and – no, not Hillary Clinton – libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

“The spirit of the debate will be centered on a genuine intellectual and oratorical reenactment under a hypothetical General Election Year match-up between these three candidates.”

“The debate will in a “townhall” format, allowing the meetup attendees, as the “townhall audience” members, to directly ask questions to any of the candidates.”

Saturday, April 9, 2016
2:00 PM