NY Daily News Endorses Clinton

The New York Daily News endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. And in their editorial one things stands out – they like Clinton, but even more so they really don’t like Sanders.

“On April 19, New York Democrats will have unusual say over the party’s nominee. They have in Clinton a superprepared warrior realist. They have in opponent Bernie Sanders a fantasist who’s at passionate war with reality. By choosing Clinton, Empire State Dems would powerfully signal that the party has gotten real about achieving long-sought goals.”

[NY Daily News]

New York Daily News Gives Guide How to Flee Country if Trump Becomes President

Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination have went from unicorn to realistic in the last months. And if he is the candidate, he might become president, and then what?

The New York Daily News decided to help out all those who couldn’t stomach a Trump presidency  – by printing the ultimate guide to “Make America Migrate.”

The mere thought of President Trump taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2017, has already led to threats from U.S. citizens that they would leave our red, white and blue borders behind if The Donald reaches The White House.

So how does a Trump foe make the big move to more progressive pastures in 2016? And of all the Trump-free countries, which is best for a soon-to-be-expat?

The Daily News suggests the following countries as future homes for expats: Singapore (cosmopolitan and international), Ecuador (the cheapest), Austria (the safest) and last but not least the two most American non-American countries: Mexico and Canada.

The Daily News isn’t far off with their idea.

Google reported that the most searched phrase after the Super Tuesday results was “How to move to Canada?” 

So maybe it really is time to think about it.

[New York Daily News]