New Ad Boasts Trump’s New York Values

Less than 7 hours until we know who has won the New York primary. Plenty of time to do some last-minute campaigning.

Donald Trump for example jut tweeted out this new campaign ad, highlighting his story and his New York values.


Cruz Stands by New York Values

Back in January, Ted Cruz famously attacked Donald Trump for his “New York values.”

The insult didn’t go over well with many of the people living in the Big Apple, but even with the primary less than two weeks away, Cruz stands by his comments.


Cruz Visits Orthodox Bakery in Brooklyn

With all the media attention focused on the three home-town candidates – Clinton, Trump and Sanders – it’s easy to forget that New Yorkers will have more choices in the upcoming primary.

One of them is Ted Cruz, who is tailing as a distant third in the latest poll. While Cruz’s chances of winning the state are slim, he is heavily courting one specific voter group: Orthodox Jews.

The way the 95 New York GOP delegates are divided relies heavily on the results of individual congressional district and not the overall state performance. That’s why even a relatively small group can make a big difference. And orthodox Jews tend to vote Republican and conservative, which is why they stand out among the many Democrats in liberal New York.

And so on Thursday, Cruz visited the “Chabad Matza Bakery” in Brighton Beach, where he tried baking matza with the help of some three year olds.

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Cruz Attacks Trump’s “New York Values”

A new Ted Cruz ad attacks Donald Trump for his “New York Values.” The commercial was released by Cruz himself (and not his PAC) and is aimed at voters in the upcoming Iowa caucus.

The ad paints Trump as pro-choice and as feeling superior to the people of Iowa.

“I lived in New York City in Manhattan all my life, okay, so, you know, my views are a little bit different than if I lived in Iowa.”