Spotted: Halloween-Clad Phone Bankers

In honor of Halloween, these volunteers dressed up as super women during their phone banking shift in the Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn.

© Curtesy of Betsy Steinman

They are part of “Moms Demand Action,” a group fighting for better gun control.

The cat woman on the right is Betsy Steinman, a longtime volunteered whom I profiled here.

Sanders Supporter is Glad Her Son Shares Her Politics

Lee, a retired city planner, at a recent phone bank for Bernie Sanders.

Name: Jeanette Lee
Borough: Park Slope
I will vote: Bernie Sanders

“I really want Bernie Sanders to win. He is just very authentic. I like his socialist ideas. He will be good for the people.”

“I did a lot for the McGovern campaign [in 1972,]  campaigned for them. Now, I do phone banking for Sanders. I contribute. I have all his stickers up on my windows.”

“My son supports Sanders as well, I would have to discipline him if he didn’t.”

“I hate the Clintons. Taking a million kids down food stamps. The whole Clinton foundation, who they support. And she hasn’t done one big interview. People say she is a woman, but so what. Margaret Thatcher was a woman.”

Couple Drove 12 Hours for Donald Trump

Laurie und Kevin Bartholomew.jpg
The couple from upstate New York are volunteers in Donald Trump’s campaign office in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Name: Laurie and Kevin Bartholomew
Borough: Upstate New York
We will vote: Donald Trump

“We drove twelve hours to get here. We probably could have phone-banked from New York, but we love it here. It’s the first time I am a part of a presidential campaign.” (Kevin Bartholomew)

“I am not interested in politics, but once in a while a person moves me. And Donald Trump did. He talks like us.” (Laurie Bartholomew)

“Everybody who finances his own campaign, who actually knows what issues the common men has with the government, is alright by me. And I support him.” (Kevin Bartholomew)