Live-Tweeting the Debate – Round 2

It’s 30 days until election day – or as other countries call it, maybe it’s time to start campaigning.

It’s also round two of the presidential debates – this time as a town hall-style event in St. Louis. Follow Lady Liberty Votes as I live-tweet the debate.

NYT-Timeline of GOP Bigwigs Un-Endorsing Trump

During the summer, the New York Times created an awesome multimedia timeline of Republican leaders denouncing their support for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

It not only lists who doesn’t support Trump (or might even vote for Clinton), but contrasts it with statements by Trump himself, to show what exactly provoked their un-endorsement.

They now extended the timeline and added all the 40+ people who have walked in the last two days.


Check out the full timeline here.

Pantsuit Power for Hillary

I can’t believe I missed this #PantsuitPower flashmob last week, but luckily there is video of it.

Over 170 dancers – all dressed in Hillary’s signature pantsuits – met at Union Square, New York’s prime spot for political action, and just danced, danced, danced.


“I wanted to bring some kind of humanity to her campaign, because I think humanity and love and humor tend to get lost when we’re in the heat of all of this,” the organizer, Celia Rowlson-Hall, told the Washington Post.

The Battle of the Frogs: Kermit vs. Pepe

While we all fell asleep during yesterday’s vice-presidential debate, a much more fun fight was going on – the Battle of the Frogs.

You might have heard about Pepe, a cartoon meme that is especially popular among anti-Semitic and racist Twitter trolls. But luckily he isn’t the only green animal on the block, and the opposition has recruited Kermit for their fight. #ImWithKer

To see more examples, check out this article that I just wrote for the Forward.

Live-Tweeting the Veeps

Follow Lady Liberty Votes on Twitter, while I live-tweet the one and only vice-presidential between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.

Who Said it? Trump or Voldemort?

Daniel Radcliffe recently compared Donald Trump with Voldemort, but attested the Dark Lord a purer ideology. Meanwhile, J.K. Rowling herself said that He Who Must Not Be Named  is  “nowhere near as bad” as the Republican presidential candidate.

If you are still not so sure yourself, Entertainment Weekly created a wonderful quiz that you can take hereWho Said it? Trump or Voldemort?


[Entertainment Weekly]

Anti-Semitism and the Trump Trolls: A Timeline

Politico journalist Julia Ioffe gets put into “Camp Trump” in a hateful picture tweeted at her. 

While Donald Trump at times appeared almost poised during last night’s debate, there is no question that he has a history of hateful rhetoric.

And it probably comes at no surprise, that this hateful rhetoric has found  a lot of copy-cats on Twitter.

One favorite target among these Twitter trolls are Jewish journalists. And it didn’t matter if the journalists were liberal, conservative or even really Jewish, the so-called “alt-right” movement attacked them all.

I have recently compiled an interactive timeline of these attacks for the Forward, that you can look at here. For more about the scope of anti-Semitic trolling, click here.


Live-Tweeting #debatenight

Follow Lady Liberty Votes on Twitter, while I live-tweet round 1 of The Donald meets Hillary Clinton.

Visit Donald Trump’s Tombstone in a Bushwick Gallery

Remember back in March, when a tombstone bearing Donald Trump’s name and the inscription “Made America Hate Again” appeared in Central Park?

By May, the Secret Service had figured out the artist behind the stunt, and soon after the New York Times revealed his identity. Brian Andrew Whiteley.

I was “not calling for the death of Donald,” Whiteley told the Times at the time. “I’m making an artistic statement.”


If you want to check out, the stone for yourself, now is your chance. It’s on display in the Christopher Stout Gallery in Bushwick until October 9th, and will then be moving to the Joshua Liner Gallery in Manhattan.

Events: Theater in Asylum Debate Watch Party


After their big success doing the Democratic primaries, Theater in Asylum is now creating theatrical adaptations of the general election match-ups.

To beginn, they are watching each debate to analyze its content. Later on, they will devise an original piece around it, and present it live in NYC.

“With mimicry, abstraction, and earnest curiosity, we seek to illuminate the candidates, their policies, and their characters.”

Debate Watch Party
Monday, September 26, 9:00 pm
12th Street Ale House

RSVP on Facebook