Clinton Chooses Tim Kaine as VP

Leading up to the Democratic National Convention – that starts today in Philadelphia – Hillary Clinton has chosen her running mate: Tim Kaine.

Kaine is the Senator from Virgina and considered a safe – although maybe a bit boring – choice. He was the former chairman of the DNC and speaks fluent Spanish.

Kaine won’t energize progressives like Elizabeth Warren might have. He also won’t energize feminists – while Kaine supports his party’s pro-choice positon, he has said that privately he opposes abortion as a catholic.

But he comes from a swing state with a Democratic Governor, so his election wouldn’t loose the Dems a Senate seat. (Which was one of the main arguments against Warren, now that Democrats believe they have a chance to take back the Senate.)

On a more personal note, I once witnessed Tim Kaine win a spelling bee against political journalists – which means that a) journalists are really bad spellers, but also b) whatever Kaine says, we will know that at least he spelled it correctly. 😉

Cruz Attacks Trump’s “New York Values”

A new Ted Cruz ad attacks Donald Trump for his “New York Values.” The commercial was released by Cruz himself (and not his PAC) and is aimed at voters in the upcoming Iowa caucus.

The ad paints Trump as pro-choice and as feeling superior to the people of Iowa.

“I lived in New York City in Manhattan all my life, okay, so, you know, my views are a little bit different than if I lived in Iowa.”