Day 3 of the GOP Convention: Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump

So the Republican Convention in Cleveland had it’s first actual political scandal – Stephen Colbert and a plagiarized speech don’t really count in the grand scheme of things – and it came thanks to Sen. Ted Cruz, who stood by his refusal to endorse Donald Trump.

“I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” Cruz said before his convention speech. During the speech itself, Cruz only mentioned Trump’s name once and instead spoke about Republican values.

The crowd wasn’t happy and booed the ending of his speech:

Day 2 of GOP Convention: Trump Confirmed

It’s official. On Tuesday, Donald Trump became the confirmed Republican nominee for president.

Speaker Paul Ryan – who refused to endorse Trump for a a very long time – formally declared Trump and VP-candidate Mike Pence to be the Republican standard-bearer.

Trump’s kids loved it.

Later that night, former presidential hopeful Chris Christie went on a tirade against Hillary Clinton. Far from making policy arguments, Republicans this year want to win by sending the other side to prison.

Night 1 of the GOP Convention

After some turbulence on the convention floor over a rule fight earlier Monday, the night was ready for some big speeches.

First up, where two B (C?)-list celebrities: Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Scott Baio from Happy Days. wrote a perfect summary/analysis of their speeches:

 “This is exactly what Trump has been saying but not quite saying this whole campaign. Not that Barack Obama’s policies have led to an increase in Americans being killed by terrorists (more died under George W. Bush) or to an increase in the murder rate (it’s gone down) but to a loss of American identity. That the old America — the one before black presidents and same-sex marriage and political correctness — was the real America, and the new more tolerant and more open America is inauthentically American.”

The main speaker of the night was Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife. Melania has tried to stay out of this campaign as much as possible (Trump’s daughter Ivanka speaks much more often than her), but it’s traditional for possible First Ladies to speak during the convention.

Melania Trump did a a good job. That is, until the media realized that her speech sounded familiar. Very familiar.


Day 1: GOP Convention

Even before the Republican Convention had really started, it had its first (mini)-scandal:

“It is my honor to hereby launch and begin the 2016 Republican National Hungry for Power Games! […] I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump.” – Stephen Colbert

But things got really juicy when the #NeverTrump movement appeared to secure enough signatures to force a vote on a rule change that would “unbind” delegates, so they could vote regardless of their state’s primary results. (A similar attempt failed last week at the rules committee level.)

Chaos broke out at the convention floor, when party leaders refused the vote and went on with business as usual.

While the last-minute attempt had little chance of being successful, it does show that the Republican party is far from united in their acceptance of Donald Trump.

Later tonight, possible first lady in spe, Melania Trump, will address the delegates. And this is what you can expect for the next couple of days:

Events: GOP Convention Watch Party


Starting Monday, the political reality-tv show that is this year’s election cycle will find its (preliminary) culmination  – with the start of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Last week, the rules committee voted against unbinding delegates (so that they can vote who they want, no matter the primary results) which effectively stopped the #NeverTrump movement.

This leaves the stage open for the coronation of controversial real estate developer Donald Trump.

If you want to watch the finale together with friends, there are two Watch Parties here in New York.

Metropolitan Club

Thursday, July 21, 6:00 PM
122 E 83rd St., New York City

“Be with your fellow Republicans as we watch this event live from Cleveland, Ohio. They say when it comes to politics, to expect the unexpected and 2016 has proven that to be true. Watch as Donald Trump articulates his vision to,  Make America Great Again! “

Free Pizza to be served  Wine, Beer and Soft Drinks are also available.
Members: $10
Nonmembers $20

RSVP to or call 212 -288-8606

The NYC Political Forum

Thursday, July 21, 7:00 PM
Murray Hill / Kips Bay area – address after RSVP

“The suspence is now finally over!  As the shroud of “smoke-filled” rooms, the “conscience voting” by the delegates, the massive protest walkouts, and the boy-cotters trumpetting #NeverTrump will ultimately succumb and be trumped by the anti-climatic crowning of Trump.”

“The NYCPF does not endorse any candidates or parties.  This event is NOT intended to be a “Get Out The Vote” drive, or voter registration or an advocacy / petition effort. Rather, this meetup is intended solely for casual, social purposes only.”

RSVP via Meetup