Sanders Supporter is Glad Her Son Shares Her Politics

Lee, a retired city planner, at a recent phone bank for Bernie Sanders.

Name: Jeanette Lee
Borough: Park Slope
I will vote: Bernie Sanders

“I really want Bernie Sanders to win. He is just very authentic. I like his socialist ideas. He will be good for the people.”

“I did a lot for the McGovern campaign [in 1972,]  campaigned for them. Now, I do phone banking for Sanders. I contribute. I have all his stickers up on my windows.”

“My son supports Sanders as well, I would have to discipline him if he didn’t.”

“I hate the Clintons. Taking a million kids down food stamps. The whole Clinton foundation, who they support. And she hasn’t done one big interview. People say she is a woman, but so what. Margaret Thatcher was a woman.”