Grim Day for Rubio as Trump and Clinton Win Big

Marco Rubio has suspended his presidential campaign after he lost big time to Donald Trump in his home state Florida. The charismatic senator was seen by many as the last chance to build an establishment coalition against Trump.

Ohio governor John Kasich managed to win his home state tonight, which might slow down Trump, because it’s a winner-takes-all-state, but doesn’t do Kasich himself much good (he has even less delegates than Rubio).

So once again, Donald Trump was the big winner of the night: He won Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri (each with 40+ %).

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton managed to cement her lead over Bernie Sanders. Clinton won all five contest: Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois  and North Carolina. Afterwards, she shifted her focus to the general election  by attacking Trump in her victory speech.

[New York Times]

And Yet Another Super Tuesday

It’s match day in primary politics tomorrow, with yet another Tuesday full of voting. And while this isn’t officially Super Tuesday, it sure feels like it – especially for Republicans.

Five states are voting tomorrow, and two of them – Ohio and Florida – are GOP winner-take-all states.  Together they are worth 165 delegates and are seen by many as one of the last resorts to stop Donald Trump. Both Marco Rubio and John Kasich are playing their homeboy-cards, but polls are predicting an uphill battle.

Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and the North Marina Islands (only GOP) are also voting tomorrow. Let’s see what the day brings.

New York Daily News Gives Guide How to Flee Country if Trump Becomes President

Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination have went from unicorn to realistic in the last months. And if he is the candidate, he might become president, and then what?

The New York Daily News decided to help out all those who couldn’t stomach a Trump presidency  – by printing the ultimate guide to “Make America Migrate.”

The mere thought of President Trump taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2017, has already led to threats from U.S. citizens that they would leave our red, white and blue borders behind if The Donald reaches The White House.

So how does a Trump foe make the big move to more progressive pastures in 2016? And of all the Trump-free countries, which is best for a soon-to-be-expat?

The Daily News suggests the following countries as future homes for expats: Singapore (cosmopolitan and international), Ecuador (the cheapest), Austria (the safest) and last but not least the two most American non-American countries: Mexico and Canada.

The Daily News isn’t far off with their idea.

Google reported that the most searched phrase after the Super Tuesday results was “How to move to Canada?” 

So maybe it really is time to think about it.

[New York Daily News]

Final Tally: Trump and Clinton Each Win 7 States, Sanders 4, Cruz 3, Rubio 1

It’s Wednesday morning, so it’s time to look at those final Super Tuesday results.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cemented their role as their party’s front-runner with seven wins each. Percentage wise Clinton was much stronger than Trump – she scored in the 60ies and high 70ies, while Trump’s highest win was 49%.

Bernie Sanders won his home state Vermont as well as three other states. On the far more crowded Republican site, Ted Cruz won the delegate-rich Texas as well as two other states. And Marco Rubio scored his first win in this primary season by taking Minnesota.

[New York Times]

It’s Super Tuesday!

It’s only a couple of hours until we get the first results from Super Tuesday. If you still need to study up on what it’s all about, check out this video:

[Sky News]

Events: Super Tuesday on Good Morning America


Good Morning America
is looking to get 30-40 supporters from each campaign to be in the audience for their SuperTuesday coverage from 6:00am-9:00am on Tuesday at their Times Square Studio.

Interested supporters are asked to arrive at the studio between 6am and 6:30am. During the show, ABC will be selecting some of the supporters to talk about why they support their candidates.

Good Morning America Times Square Studio at 1500 Broadway

Tuesday March 1st, 6:00am-9:00am