Politically (Un)Correct Shopping @ Fishs Eddy


Fishs Eddy has always been political, with their Hamilton shot glasses and Notorious RBG cups. This hasn’t changed post-election, and at their Broadway store, they aren’t even trying to hide what they think of the new president-elect.

All Trump merchandise is 30% off and proceeds from the “I am Huuuge” espresso cups are partly donated to Planned Parenthood.


They also have an idea what you should do with their Trump blocks: burn them.




Meanwhile, they dedicated a wall with personal notes to HRC.


NYT-Timeline of GOP Bigwigs Un-Endorsing Trump

During the summer, the New York Times created an awesome multimedia timeline of Republican leaders denouncing their support for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

It not only lists who doesn’t support Trump (or might even vote for Clinton), but contrasts it with statements by Trump himself, to show what exactly provoked their un-endorsement.

They now extended the timeline and added all the 40+ people who have walked in the last two days.


Check out the full timeline here.

Donald Trump’s Twitter Insults

Donald Trump likes to insult people. And he especially likes to insult them on Twitter. But with the rapid fire of his 140-character messages, it’s hard to keep track.

If you are a real insult buff, you don’t need to worry though.

The New York Times took on the arduous job of cataloging all of Trump’s insults on Twitter (so far). The result is a great interactive tool that sorts the insults by people or institutions and links back to the original tweets.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.29.53 PM
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[New York Times]