The Battle of the Frogs: Kermit vs. Pepe

While we all fell asleep during yesterday’s vice-presidential debate, a much more fun fight was going on – the Battle of the Frogs.

You might have heard about Pepe, a cartoon meme that is especially popular among anti-Semitic and racist Twitter trolls. But luckily he isn’t the only green animal on the block, and the opposition has recruited Kermit for their fight. #ImWithKer

To see more examples, check out this article that I just wrote for the Forward.

Anti-Semitism and the Trump Trolls: A Timeline

Politico journalist Julia Ioffe gets put into “Camp Trump” in a hateful picture tweeted at her. 

While Donald Trump at times appeared almost poised during last night’s debate, there is no question that he has a history of hateful rhetoric.

And it probably comes at no surprise, that this hateful rhetoric has found  a lot of copy-cats on Twitter.

One favorite target among these Twitter trolls are Jewish journalists. And it didn’t matter if the journalists were liberal, conservative or even really Jewish, the so-called “alt-right” movement attacked them all.

I have recently compiled an interactive timeline of these attacks for the Forward, that you can look at here. For more about the scope of anti-Semitic trolling, click here.


Donald Trump’s Twitter Insults

Donald Trump likes to insult people. And he especially likes to insult them on Twitter. But with the rapid fire of his 140-character messages, it’s hard to keep track.

If you are a real insult buff, you don’t need to worry though.

The New York Times took on the arduous job of cataloging all of Trump’s insults on Twitter (so far). The result is a great interactive tool that sorts the insults by people or institutions and links back to the original tweets.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.29.53 PM
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[New York Times]