Union Square Subway Therapy

Be kind to one another. Love Trumps Hate. It’s going to be ok. You are not alone. Love. Love. Love.


Almost 80% of people in Brooklyn voted for Clinton. In Manhattan and the Bronx it’s closer to 90%.

Given these numbers it’s understandably that the win by Donald Trump came as a big and profound shock for the majority of New Yorkers.

On Wednesday, an artist started handing out post it to reeling New Yorkers in the Union Square subway station. The mission: write down your feelings and heal. Subway Therapy.

“Subway Therapy is about making people smile, laugh, and feel less stress,” the creator of the project, Matthew “Levee” Chavez, wrote on his website.

By now, the post-it wall spans several tunnels and is a beautiful and powerful statement of New Yorkers coming together. Take a look.






This is What Democracy Looks Like


Thousands of protestors marched down Fifth Avenue today, marking it the fourth day of continuous anti-Trump protests in New York.

Across the boroughs, New Yorkers voted overwhelmingly for Clinton (almost 80% in Brooklyn,  close to 90% on Manhattan and Bronx).

Given these numbers it’s understandably that Trump’s surprising success left many New Yorkers looking for ways to show their anger. Or just a place to meet likeminded people.

“This makes me so happy,” said one woman in her twenties looking around the march. All around, there was a tremendous amount of positive energy, and the march didn’t only serve as an expression of free speech and political will, it also was like a big therapy session.

It was the first time many New Yorkers felt okay again all week.


The peaceful protest was a wild mix of ages, genders and races, and so where the causes they were promoting in their signs and chants.


My body, my choice. Her body, her choice.


I object the president elect.


Love trumps hate. 


No hate. No fear. 


This is what democracy looks like.

Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Donald Trump go away.


We are the popular vote.


Climate change is real. Protect the EPA. 


Black lives matter.


Anti-Trump Demonstrations Continue in New York

Slowly, but surely New York is waking up from it’s collective moment of shock and mourning.

In the meantime, many New Yorkers are tacking actions and protesting Trump and the values he stands for.  And even though Trump doesn’t seem to agree, peaceful demonstrations and marches are a powerful tool of democracy. So keep them coming!

Today – Saturday – two demonstrations are leaving Union Square to march to Trump Tower. One at noon, one at 9pm.


Meet you at Union Sq. at 12pm and march to Trump Tower (725 5th Ave) at 2pm.

Divided is the reason we just fell. We must unite despite our differences to stop HATE from ruling the land.

This is a peaceful protest. Violence/vandalism will not be tolerated


Exercise your right to free speech and PEACEFUL protest at Union Square Park this Saturday starting at 9pm! At 10 pm we will head to Trump Tower to join other protesters.

There is another protest earlier in the day, this is an opportunity for those who cannot make it to join in the fight. 
This is not about hate and anger- lets use our anger and frustration to show that our right to protest can make a difference when we do it the right way. No matter your reason for fighting back, make it there and make it known. 


Pantsuit Power for Hillary

I can’t believe I missed this #PantsuitPower flashmob last week, but luckily there is video of it.

Over 170 dancers – all dressed in Hillary’s signature pantsuits – met at Union Square, New York’s prime spot for political action, and just danced, danced, danced.


“I wanted to bring some kind of humanity to her campaign, because I think humanity and love and humor tend to get lost when we’re in the heat of all of this,” the organizer, Celia Rowlson-Hall, told the Washington Post.

March4Bernie Planning Meeting


On Saturday, I checked out what the People for Bernie are up to. The grassroots group works enthusiastically to get Bernie Sanders elected as president, but has no official affiliation with his campaign.

Back in January they hosted the first “March For Bernie” in New York, and now they are busy preparing for another one – on March 16, three days before the NY primary.

Over 15,000 people are expected to come to the rally on Saturday, so I was surprised to see that only about 20 people showed up for the last meeting before the march.

But in today’s internet-world, much of the actual organizing happens online anyway. Which might explain why the session felt more like a motivated support group than a dry planning meeting – a round of “Hi, my name is…” and spontaneous applause inclusive.


The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing the route of the march (from Foley Sq to Union Sq), the role of marshals  and the ongoing “Art Build” events, where volunteers create signs to hand out on Saturday.

The psyched Berners are hoping that the energy of the rally will raise through the city and result in a ten to 15 percent jump in Tuesday’s primary.

Let’s make some heroes and take New York,” said Mindy Rosier, a teacher who was leading the meeting.

Free “Bernie’s Yearning” by Ben & Jerry’s

There is a lot of debate about how much power a political endorsement brings. I mean, do voters really change their opinion just because someone (mildly) important tells them to?

But then love goes through the stomach, so maybe an ice-cream endorsement can change the deal.

As you might have heard, Ben & Jerry’s endorsed their home state senator Bernie Sanders. And they even created an ice cream for him – that made it’s way into the New York election this week.

On Thursday evening, the Vermont duo themselves handed out “Bernie’s Yearning” on Union Square.

“Bernie’s Yearning” is mint ice cream with a layer of chocolate at the top. The top represents the top 1 %, and you need to break it with a spoon to get to the mint.

Photos by Julia Pimentel

Politics in the Square

There is a LOT to read about the ongoing election, but my favorite  part is observing it by just wandering around the city. Union Square is an especially fruitful hunting ground.

Wandering around there last weekend, I made three observations:

  1. Bernie-supporters are very visible on the streets.
  2. As are anti-trump activists.
  3. I have never actually seen Hillary-supporters anywhere on the street. Seems not to be their thing.
This artful pro-Bernie also supports Occupy Wall Street.
This chalk painting wants to warn passersby.
These “Bullswax” figures are meant as political satire, but can also be used as grind wax for skateboards.
Look closely, these pigeons are not real! The artists who made them seems to be a Bernie-supporter.
She does rats as well.