Trump Wins Third Time

Donald Trump won the Nevada Caucus, it’s his third consecutive win in a row. Marco Rubio beat Ted Cruz, who only came in third place.

[USA Today]

Clinton and Trump Win, Bush Suspends

An exiting day in both presidential primary-races ended with Jeb Bush suspending his campaign, after he only scored a single-digit result in the South Carolina Republican primary.

Donald Trump won South Carolina with 30+ points, while Marco Rubio regained his momentum by narrowly beating Ted Cruz for second place.

In Nevada, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders, which brings her back to track as the Democratic front-runner. Sanders managed to attract Latino voters, but the African-American vote went decisively to Clinton.

[New York Times]

The parties are switching states next week, with the Nevada Republican Caucus on February 23 and the South Carolina Democratic Primary on February 27, before the Super Tuesday showdown on March 1.

Hillary Clinton Barks Like Dog

Wait, what? Hillary Clinton barked like a dog? And why are we interested in this? Turns out, she actually had a valid political point.

At a recent campaign event in Nevada, Hillary attacked Republicans for telling lies all the time. Then she reminisced about an old radio ad from Arkansas, where they trained a dog to bark whenever a political said a lie.

Hence the barking. Watch for yourself.

[ABC News Politics]

Phone Bank in Brooklyn Living Room

When you hear the word “phone bank,” you might think of a windowless room with endless rows of tables and telephones on them. Or a small army of people with headsets who are wildly gesticulating.

In truth it’s more like a cozy living room, a comfortable couch and free chocolate.

For example in the Brooklyn-apartment of Eric Carino. The millennial with Mexican roots hosted one of many city-wide Call for Bernie events last Monday.


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