Retired Upstater Travels Country For Trump

The woman I am with is Mrs. Julie Kaska of Cheektowaga, NY.
Michael Machnica and Julie Kaska at a rally for Donald Trump in South Carolina.

Name: Michael Machnica
Borough: Upstate New York
I will vote: Donald Trump

“I am a rightly-dividing evangelical King James Bible believer (a tiny minority among so called “Christians”) that supports Mr. Trump (a vastly larger number).”

“I assisted with door-to-door campaigning in New Hampshire and South Carolina, assembly of lawn signs, phone banking and assisting with various small tasks that needed to be done in the headquarters building.”

“I am supporting Mr. Trump because I know for a fact, not just believe, that he wants to turn this country around. He, as well as millions of other Americans, have witnessed in their lifetime this once great country take a free-fall towards oblivion. As a patriotic American, he has an opportunity to do something to stop this country from destruction. History has proven that no civilization is immune from a catastrophic collapse. Mr. Trump wants to do whatever he can to keep that from happening, at least for the foreseeable future.”

“This common core garbage in the schools is dumbing down the nation’s youth. The entire Dept. of Education is unconstitutional. Education is one of the many matters reserved to the localities and states. Far more college students are assigned to read the Communist Manifesto than the Federalist Papers which was written by men who had a key part in the founding of this nation.”

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Trump and Sanders win New Hampshire

As predicted, both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won their respective primaries in New Hampshire – and big. The other candidate with New York roots, Hillary Clinton, came in 20 % behind Sanders.

The Republican field continues to be muddled, with no candidate performing strong enough to emerge as the establishment candidate.

[New York Times]

Out-Of-Towners Push Their Candidates

Hillary phone bank
Three of the eight volunteers working in the Hillary Clinton campaign office in Manchester, NH, are from New York.

Before Hillary Clinton launched in her campaign speech last Friday night at a New Hampshire fundraiser, she made sure to thank the “thousands of volunteers” who braved the bitter cold to get out the vote for her.

“I know how hard you are working. Across the state [you bring] your dreams and determination into this effort, knocking on doors in the winter cold,” Clinton said.

On the eve of the primary, the Democratic as well as the Republican candidates rely on thousands of volunteers working for them in the Granite State. Some are locals; many are not. In fact, many of the out-of-towners who flocked to New Hampshire this weekend were from New York.

Read my full story on New Hampshire Chronicles, NYU’s live blog about the New Hampshire primary. 


Couple Drove 12 Hours for Donald Trump

Laurie und Kevin Bartholomew.jpg
The couple from upstate New York are volunteers in Donald Trump’s campaign office in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Name: Laurie and Kevin Bartholomew
Borough: Upstate New York
We will vote: Donald Trump

“We drove twelve hours to get here. We probably could have phone-banked from New York, but we love it here. It’s the first time I am a part of a presidential campaign.” (Kevin Bartholomew)

“I am not interested in politics, but once in a while a person moves me. And Donald Trump did. He talks like us.” (Laurie Bartholomew)

“Everybody who finances his own campaign, who actually knows what issues the common men has with the government, is alright by me. And I support him.” (Kevin Bartholomew)

Retired Psychologist Travels Country for Clinton

Betsy Steinman
Betsy Steinman sits in the break room of the Hillary Clinton campaign office in Manchester, NH.

Name: Betsy Steinman
Borough: Uper East Side
I will vote: Hillary Clinton

“I am here in New Hampshire to help out on the Hillary campaign. Came from New York City last Tuesday and will be here till after the primary. Then I will fly to South Carolina”

 “This is something I have always wanted to do. I worked for women’s rights back in the 60ies and 70ies, and this [a female president] is like the last barrier that we haven’t broken. It’s kinda personal for women my age.”

“I am out canvassing. A lot of people of course are not home, because they are working during the day. But I was lucky in the areas that I was in, I have been getting about a fifty percent rate of actually talking to people. If they have any questions. I always ask what their concerns are. And sometimes we are able to talk them over, which is really rewarding.”

Brooklynite in New Hampshire to Support Ted Cruz

Diane Atkins
Diane Atkins holds a Ted Cruz sign outside St. Anselm College, New Hampshire, where the last Republican debate was held.

Name: Diane Atkins
Borough: Brooklyn
I will vote: Ted Cruz

“I am here in New Hampshire to support Ted Cruz. This is the man. That’s who I want for president. So I came up here with some  friends from New York.”

“I like his integrity. I like that he stands for the Constitution. I like that he is willing to fight for what’s right, regardless of which party is throwing insults at him, is trying to push him out of the party.”

“He is a man of integrity.  He is a man of faith. And he is willing to fight for the American people. He has done it over and over again in the Senate, and there is no reason to believe he won’t do it as president of the United States.”

“I don’t feel alone with my opinion in New York. As a matter of fact there is a lot of people in upstate New York that I know in different patriot groups who support him. Of course in the five boroughs there is less of us, but I do certainly know a handful of people.” 

Event: GOP NH Primary Watch Party

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.58.05 PM

The Manhattan Republican Party, the Women’s National Republican Club and the New York Republican Club are hosting a New Hampshire Primary Watch Party on Tuesday night.

There will be the former Presidential candidate, Governor George Pataki, as a special guest.

Tuesday, February 9th, 7:00-9:00 pm
Women’s National Republican Club
3 West 51st St
10 $ fee

[Manhattan Republican Party]

New Hampshire Primary Impressions

Here are some impressions of the Democratic McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders attended the fundraiser and spoke to the an excited crowd of almost 6,000 activists.

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New Hampshire is the first-in-the-nation-primary and voting starts on Tuesday.

To read more about the event, check out the live reporting from me and my fellow NYU students at The New Hampshire Chronicles.