Events: Gathering for Healing

With weeks predicting a strong lead for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s win came as a shock for many.

Especially here in liberal New York, walking through the streets today felt like a solemn funeral, with many people still railing with the results.

If you feel you need to share your feelings and get help lifting your spirits, there is a multi faith gathering in Washington Square Park at 3pm today.


Bernie at Washington Square Park – As Close As I Could Get

This is Bernie Sanders speaking to thousands of people at a rally at Washington Square Park in Manhattan tonight.

This is how far I made it.


I mean look at these lines. And then imagine them entering trough two tiny Secret Service tents.

It’s the logistical nightmare you get, when you plan a rally in Manhattan in a park with a huge construction site on top of it. Oh well.

But then, who needs to see the real Bernie Sanders when you can have this?


Politics in the Park

Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village is known for its illustrious past (from the Beat generation to the Hippie movement) and colorful street performers. But it’s closeness to New York University also makes it a popular hunting ground for political activists.

I spotted both these men within four minutes yesterday afternoon:

The chic Sanders supporter was distributing voter registration forms from his Volkswagen, while his masked counterpart would let you beat up Trump for a donation.